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MOOF Issue No.3

£7.50 / Sold Out

40+ pages of the grooviest articles and interviews on psychedelic music and culture...

+ limited edition colour postcard by collage artist Morgan Jesse Lappin (SOLD OUT)

Cover story: In-depth interview with TWINK;

"Psychedelic rock icon and central figure in the British counter-cultural movement, Twink, speaks about some exciting upcoming projects and 'Think Pink III', jamming with Jimi Hendrix, joining Alex & Maxine Sanders' infamous Notting Hill Gate Coven, his memories of Syd Barrett, and much much more..."

Also featured; an interview with Margo Guryan, Jon Povey talks Star Sponge Vision, Arthur Lee Harper, Jack Hopkin’s Curiosity Shoppe, Pansies, Trappist Afterland, Italian library music, Marc Brierley, Magic Bus, Richard Twice, The Love Cycle + more